Tiny Tots Ballet

This is our little gem! Our Tiny Tots programme is where it all begins and we welcome new and aspiring Ballerina’s, making their dreams become a reality. These classes are a beautiful introduction into the world of dance as we teach your child many authentic dance steps and terminology in an age-appropriate way. Children build on social skills, learn to follow instructions and be part of a group.

Our Tiny Tots classes are very engaging and lots of fun, your child will learn so much over the term!  Parents stay and watch all of our Tiny Tots classes and our aim is for children to build up the confidence and independence to dance with their group and teacher and learn an abundance of dance skills. Children are most suited to this class from 2.5yrs old and we recommend starting in our Dance with Me class until children are ready to dance independently, particularly if you are new to our school.

Our little granddaughter has been attending Kelly’s Dance Academy since she was two and half. In the time we have been attending the Academy, we have watched the skill with which Miss Kelly gently has steered the little ones, creating an atmosphere of fun and encouragement as she gradually introduced the techniques of classical ballet to where now, at three and half, our granddaughter and all the other little girls in the class eagerly line up and follow all the instructions. Miss Kelly’s ballet lesson is the highlight of our week. The organization of the end of the year concert is another impressive element Kelly’s Dance Academy with which we have been involved in twice now and soon for the third time. The whole program not only teaches a love of dance but is also an excellent program for developing the children’s coordination and memory skills.

Grandma of Emilia, aged 3

Our 3-4 and 2-3yro Tiny Tots group, ready to dance. 

Tiny Tots Combo 

If you have a little groover in the house or you just cannot decide which style of dance your child is most suited to, our combo class is for them. We have a combination of Ballet / Jazz and Jazz / Tap.

Ballet / Jazz – a 40 minute class where we carry out 20 minutes of Tiny Tots Ballet; providing a beautiful introduction to Ballet, learning basic Ballet steps and do lots of tippy toes, plies, pointing and dancing in a creative manner . The second half of the class is where we turn up the music and our energy as we carry out 20 minutes of Jazz moves, which includes jumps, leaps, turns and shaking those hips. 

Jazz /Tap- a 30-minute class where we rotate the style throughout the term (e.g 2 weeks Jazz, 2 weeks Tap) This combo class is perfect for children who like to move their bodies, tap their feet, have a musical flare and like a challenge. Tap dancing is lots of counts, rhythm and getting creative with our feet. Jazz dancing is lots of jumps, kicks, turns and dynamic moves. 

Our Tiny Tots Combo classes are super fun with lots of energetic steps and aimed at children over 3yrs – 5yrs old. If children are new to dance / only just turned 3yrs old, we recommend Ballet alone to begin with.

One of our combo groups during Ballet

Performing one of their Jazz routines on stage

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