Contemporary / Lyrical

This class is suitable if your child is between 7-12yrs old. If they have participated in Ballet or dance class previously they may be able to join from 6 years old, however this style of dance does require a slightly more mature approach as children explore the creative, expressive and technical aspects of dance. 

This 45 minute class focuses on Lyrical dance and Contemporary. Lyrical Dance is an expressive form of dance through a combination of Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance. Children learn to express emotions through dance and music whilst working in unison with the group. Contemporary Dance explores different theorists and techniques through expression, body movements, imagination and focuses on body weight through floor and on the feet. 

This class also allows your child to express themselves through routines and imaginative dance both independently and with partners / group. 

Parents do not stay for this class, however you are invited to our termly parent viewing week.

Class Times

*Lyrical / Contemporary runs on Saturday’s 2-2:45pm