Lyrical and Jazz 

Lyrical / Jazz 

Children explore the creative, expressive and technical aspects of dance through 2 styles of dance. This class is suitable if your child is over 8yrs old and has a certain level of maturity, as the class includes early teens. 

This 1 hour class combines both Lyrical dance and Jazz technique. Lyrical Dance is an expressive form of dance through a combination of Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance. Children learn to express emotions through dance and music whilst working in unison with the group. This class also allows your child to express themselves through routines and imaginative dance both independently and with partners / group.

If your child prefers to focus on Jazz as a style by itself, we also run Jazz in our Primary Jazz class and Intermediate Jazz class. 

Parents do not stay for this class; however, you are invited to our termly parent viewing week.