Ballet Classes

Our classes have a perfectly balanced structure and we put a lot of thought and time into ensuring you child is learning, having fun and their development is being supported. Your child will learn an abundance of classical Ballet skills and steps whilst being suitably challenged and encouraged each step of the way. We believe this provides the essentials of dance and learning to become a creative, confident and competent individual. Our teachers are warm, encouraging and very talented. Whilst we teach in a professional manner, we have a special way of making our classes fun, engaging and interactive.

Please note the ages for classes are just a guideline and it is important children have the skills and confidence before moving up a class.

Prep Ballet

The Prep Ballet class is a great step up from our Tiny Tot’s Ballet Programme, or if your child is over 4.5yrs and new to dance and wants to learn all the wonderful beginnings of Ballet.

This 35-minute class will expose your child to Ballet positions, along with the introduction of set exercises at the barre and in the centre. Your child will learn the foundations of ballet in a fun engaging manner to a combination of music and themes. This class focuses on building your child’s confidence and skills to be more independent in their dancing and overall self.

Parents are able to stay for these classes, except for when we are preparing for concerts and nearing the end of year.

We also have a Prep Ballet and Jazz class, which is a 45-minute class where the main focus is still learning Ballet with the addition of Jazz dance. This gives children the opportunity to explore and learn a new style of dance and it extends their learning and confidence in this faster style.

Kelly’s Dance Academy has been a wonderful introduction to ballet for my daughter. Miss Kelly and Miss Lauryn are knowledgeable, patient, and wonderful teachers. The class sizes are small and recitals have a minimal cost associated to them, with no intense stage makeup or hair requirements for the kids (like some other dance schools enforce) which was a huge plus for me. Highly recommend!!

Mum of Cleo, aged 4yrs

Primary Ballet

The Primary Ballet class is suitable if your child is between 5.5 – 7.5yrs old. If they have participated in Ballet or dance class previously they can join from 5 years old, if they are new to dance or prefer a smaller class we recommend waiting until they are over 5.5yrs and joining the Prep Ballet in the meantime. 

This 45 minute class focuses on Ballet and creative dance, developing the your child’s knowledge of Ballet positions and steps, whilst extending their exposure to terminology and combination steps. This class also allows your child to express themselves through routines and imaginative dance both independently and with partners / group. Your child will learn about safe stretching, posture and how to improve their dance skills and overcome challenges. 

Within the term we carry out themes and each term your child will learn about a classical ballet or story which we focus on. 

Parents do not stay for this class; however you are invited to our termly parent viewing week

Junior Ballet

The Junior Ballet class is suitable for your child if they are over 7 years old, ideally they would have had prior Ballet experience however this is not essential as we keep our classes small and therefore can provide extra support when required. Children must have a good level of focus and be keen to practice at home to get the benefits of this level. 

Your child will develop a solid knowledge of Ballet steps, terminology and technique and build on these skills through exercises at the barre, centre work, routines, an increased exposure to steps, set exercises and travelling sequences. This class also follows the Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) syllabi as well as exploring classical Ballets, imaginative and expressive dance. Your child will build on working as a team and with partners to support each other during the class.

As part of the Junior Ballet classes your child will carry out weekly development on their goals, growth and areas of focus within Ballet and this is carried out as a group within the class. Parents do not stay for this class, however, are invited to our termly parent viewing week.

My daughter loves dancing at Kelly’s Dance Academy and has been for over a year now. Kelly knows the name and face of every single child that attends, her genuine love for what she does shows in the community she’s created.

All the teachers at Kelly’s Dance Academy have given my daughter an environment where she can find joy in expressing herself through dance. They also have an easy to use parent portal where we can access our child’s timetable, term and payment information as well as a really affordable costume/uniform shop which is a lifesaver for a busy family. Couldn’t recommend this dance school enough. 

Mum of Truly, aged 10yrs