Ballet Classes

Our classes have a clear, well balanced structure to them and we put a lot of thought and time into ensuring you child is learning, having fun and their holistic development is being supported. Your child will learn an abundance of age appropriate skills and steps whilst being suitably challenged and encouraged each step of the way, we believe this provides the essentials of dance to become a creative, confident and versatile individual. As children progress through the classes they receive the appropriate teaching for that age and level, ensuring they build not only dance skills but an appreciation for the arts and many self development skills to ensure they are competent to move into the next class. Whilst we teach in a professional manner we have a special way of making our classes fun, engaging and very nurturing.
Please note the ages for classes are just a guideline and it is important children have the skills and confidence before moving up a class.


Prep Ballet

The Prep Ballet class is a great step up from our Tiny Tot’s Ballet Programme, or if your child is new to dance and wants to learn all the wonderful beginnings of Ballet. 

This 35 minute class will expose your child to Ballet positions, along with the introduction of set exercises at the barre and in the centre. Your child will learn the foundations of ballet in a fun engaging manner to a combination of music and themes. This class focuses on building your child’s confidence and skills to be more independent in their dancing and overall self. 

Parents are able to stay for these classes, except for when we are preparing for concerts and nearing the end of year.  

Class Times

*Prep Ballet runs on Monday 10:50am, Tuesday 4pm, Thursday 3:45pm and Saturday 9:40am

Our Prep Ballet dancers featured in our 2019 Christmas Concert