Bub and Me Ballet 

This class is for those teeny dancers who love to move, enjoy music and have an enthusiastic caregiver who also likes to get moving! 

We created this class for our young dancers who are not quite ready for our Tiny Tots classes, whether it be due to age or they need the comfort of a parent next to them to join in with their dance class. Suited for children under 2.5yrs (must be walking competently) this class will provide a very gentle introduction to a dance class environment and music. Children will begin to learn how to follow instructions, rhythmic movement, and learn the beginning of dance steps and lots of creative fun! 

Children must have a caregiver attend the class with them and we strongly encourage you to participate to fully enjoy the class and also get a little workout of your own! No dance experience required, we will teach you also! 








Class runs Thursday’s 10:45am – 11:15am.