My child is really shy and I am worried they will not join in

Not a problem. Shy / nervous children are our forte!Our teachers have welcomed many shy children into our classes and it is such a great achievement when they manage to complete the class all by themselves. Many parents also see these skills transferred into other aspects of their lives and see their confidence grow outside of the studio.

Do you offer trial classes?

We strongly believe (and know from experience) that it takes children several classes to become comfortable in the setting and with their teacher, so it is very difficult to tell from just one class how your child will go long term in the classes. For this reason, we do not offer trial classes. However, if you are wanting to see if we are the type of school for you before committing to a term you can attend at a casual rate or come along and watch a class. Please note that term payments do take a priority and secure a spot over casual attendance.

Can parents stay and watch the class?

Parents are required to stay for our Tiny Tots classes. Often children of this age need the security of a familiar adult and also parent participation is sometimes required in these classes.As children progress into the Pre-Prep and Pre-Ballet parents leave the class, it is a steady process and some children need more time than others. New parents are able to stay until children are settled and any visiting family members from overseas / interstate are welcome to watch a class. We also hold a parent viewing week each term for all of our classes.

What are the fees?

30 minute classes are $12 per class when paid by the term.45 minute classes are $15 per class when paid by the term.Casual rates are available if space permits in the class.There is a $15 enrolment fee that is due once a year. This goes towards licences, administration and insurance costs.

What does my child wear?

We have recently introduced a dance uniform / recommendations for our classes as most children do like to wear dance attire to feel part of a class and it is also good dance etiquette. These can all be purchased from Kelly’s Dance Academy or a local dance store. We are flexible with uniform and children do not need the uniform for their first few classes, the main thing is ensuring your child is comfortable and can move easily.

No denim, long skirts / dresses or dress ups are permitted for classes.The first thing we would recommend buying are dance shoes as socks cannot be worn and it is important we see your child’s feet with each movement. Tap shoes are essential.

Does my child have to perform in the end of year recital?

No. It is not compulsory for children to participate, however every child has always wanted to! Our end of year recitals are a fun experience for children to showcase what we have been working on in class and provides them with an opportunity to dress up, get on stage and relish in the moment of their family watching them.