Jazz & Tap Classes

Our classes have a clear, well balanced structure to them and we put a lot of thought and time into ensuring you child is learning, having fun and their holistic development is being supported. Your child will learn an abundance of age appropriate skills and steps whilst being suitably challenged and encouraged each step of the way, we believe this provides the essentials of dance to become a creative, confident and versatile individual. As children progress through the classes they receive the appropriate teaching for that age and level, ensuring they build not only dance skills but an appreciation for the arts and many self development skills to ensure they are competent to move into the next class. Whilst we teach in a professional manner we have a special way of making our classes fun, engaging and very nurturing.

Class sizes are kept small to ensure children receive optimum teaching and feel comfortable within the class.

Please note the ages for classes are just a guideline and it is important children have the skills and confidence before moving up a class.


Little Groovers

This is a super fun, energetic class that is split into 2 genres – Jazz and Tap. If your child loves to dance, move their bodies, feel the beat of the music and loves a challenge – then this is the class for them! The class is suitable for children aged 4-6years old and is also a great class for boys who love to dance. 

Your child will be introduced to Jazz and Tap steps, they will learn how to count their steps, listen to the timing of music, link steps together and learn choreography. The class is fast paced with a lot of learning happening and children will gain skills, energy and how to get groovy!

Parents are welcome to stay for these classes, with the exception of when we are rehearsing for concerts. 

Class Times

*Little Groovers runs Thursday at 4:15pm and Saturday at 10:15am

Junior Jazz / Tap Combo

This is a high energy, fun class that is split into 2 genres – Jazz and Tap. Your child will learn the varying styles of Jazz dance including theatre, lyrical and funk and steps such as kicks, turns, leaps, combinations and travelling steps. In the second component of the class they will learn tap dance, which involves learning about timing, rhythm, shuffles, flaps, travelling steps and also choreography.  

It is great if your child is also taking Ballet or has danced before as Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and you will find they can pick up the steps easier, although newbies are most welcome. 

It is suitable for children aged 7 years upwards and this is also a great class for boys.

Parents do not stay for these classes, although they are invited to our termly parent viewing week.

Class Times

*Junior Jazz / Tap runs Saturday at 1pm

Just Dance Recreational Class

This class is for those children who just ‘want to dance’, for those that prefer to dance that bit more freely and learn dance routines to an array of music and themes. Over the term your child will learn a minimum of 3 choreographed routines and explore styles such as Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop and Funk. They will learn dance steps as part of the class and also learn about warming and cooling down, with the main focus on choreography. 

It is suitable for children aged 5-10 years and no previous dance experience is necessary, just a flare for moving! No dance uniform required, just comfy active wear. 

Parents do not stay for these classes, although they are invited to our termly parent viewing week.

Class Times

*Just Dance Rec Class runs Thursday’s 5pm