• Ages 5yrs+
  • (must be different to main contact)
  • Payment can be made via paypal or bank transfer (please email a receipt if making a bank transfer) Kellys Dance Academy BSB: 084004 ACC No: 841655845
    Price: $ 40.00
  • $ 0.00
  • I understand that Kelly’s Dance Academy is not responsible for my child before or after the dance workshop and parents/guardians must collect their child/ren on time. I understand that whilst Kelly’s Dance Academy makes every effort to ensure my child’s wellbeing and care is met during the conduct of workshops, the school takes no responsibility for any injury or accident that occurs during or after the dance class and I agree to release Kelly’s Dance Academy and its employees from any liability. In the case of emergency I agree to staff carrying out any action deemed necessary to meet the needs of my child, any cost that may be endured are the parent/guardians responsibility. It is a requirement that my child is enrolled before they participate in a dance workshop at Kelly’s Dance Academy. I give permission for Kelly’s Dance Academy and professional photographers / videographers associated to the dance school, to take photographs and video material involving my child during dance classes/activities that are run by Kelly’s Dance Academy. (Please notify us if you wish to opt out of this)